Dear Guardians and Students

The total truth is that the quality education is possible only under the quality infrastructures. We do not have to debate that good facilities lead to excellent results. Nawajyoti English Boarding School (NJBS) has promised to impart quality education under excellent infrastructures.

NJBS has equipped and modern shaped building with earthquake resistance foundation where the students are quite safe and satisfied. We have enough land for different sports and games for children. The security system, clean and pollution free environment, clean and hygienic drinking water are really basic requisites for any school that are available here at high quality. Actually NJBS is growing as a new model educational institute in the country where your support and love is required. We always welcome your creative comments or suggestion to make our services flow more smoothly and efficiently.

The conducive environment, students oriented teaching methodology, regular extra curricular activities and social activities are the major assets which makes NJBS different than others. We are thankful for your continuous support for NJBS and hope the same in the future. We anticipate that all the guardians and students who are seeking for quality education under safe excellent infrastructure and lovely environment are sure coming to join NJBS.

Laxman Gnawali 

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