Message from Principal

Without peaceful and academic environment, fruitful learning and better education is impossible. It is well known fact that Nawajyoti English Boarding School (NJBS) has been providing such environment to the students since its inception with the genuine motto " We care for creativity". Green and peaceful environment, excellent SEE result, proper drinking water facility, focus [...]

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Dear Guardians and Students The total truth is that the quality education is possible only under the quality infrastructures. We do not have to debate that good facilities lead to excellent results. Nawajyoti English Boarding School (NJBS) has promised to impart quality education under excellent infrastructures. NJBS has equipped and modern shaped building with earthquake [...]

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Corner of the Parents

“Education is the light of life”-It is universal truth, starts from birth and ends at cradle. Education is lifelong learning process. For good foundation of education many supportive elements are needed. A Child needs good care, support and good schooling from home and school for his/her all round development. A School has a multiple role such as a gardener and nurturer foreducational [...]

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No matters how tall a building is but its existence is always accountable to its foundation. What I am or will become in future would not have been possible without the education of such a caliber that I pursued at NJBS. Peaceful environment, well sophisticated structures and interactive study technology makes NJBS an extrta ordinary institute in the region. Dynamic, [...]

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President of Child Friendly

We are maintaining a good discipline without any type of discrimination among us under the club. It helps to develop our personality as well. The friends who are as a member in this club, are learning leadership and well behavior. It is helping us to be a good citizen in future. Bal Krishna Lamsal Class-9

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Charter President Interact Club

Interact is a Rotary sponsored service club for young people made up of member ages between 14-18. Interact gives young people an opportunity to participate in fun and meaningful service project. Along the way, Interactors develop their leadership skills and initiative while meeting new friends. Interact Club of Nawajyoti English Boarding School is school based Interact Club sponsored by Rotary Club of Butwal South [...]

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Situated at quite peaceful location. Safe from every pollution. Spacious and well ventilated class rooms. Earthquake proof building with 4 entrance and exits. Separate fresh rooms and play ground for junior and senior level. Well facilitated and hygienic drinking water. Well equipped Montessori/play group. Cafeteria with spacious dining hall and hygienic varieties. Qualified, well experienced ad [...]

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